Sunset hunting!

I decided to head on up to Lake Ontario to catch the sunset tonight after a meeting in Sodus.  I considered heading to Sodus Point, an excellent spot for sunset viewing.  But for some reason, I decided to head just a bit further west and try a park I had not photographed in before.  B Forman Park in Pultneyville is a great park right along the shore  of Lake Ontario, and the sunset turned out to be incredible.  I’ll share just a couple of the images I captured tonight.  I highly recommend a jaunt out to Pultneyville for a sunset this summer!  You will not be disappointed!

The Weekend was here!

It’s been a busy weekend!  Photography this weekend included my niece’s high school graduation and a trip to Genesee Country Village and Museum for 1812 weekend.  I tried my hand at making lace on Sunday afternoon, but I was most entertained by the children’s militia.  Despite the rainy weather, I still got some nice shots.  Here, the youngest militiaman was a bit reluctant to turn over his weapon at the end of the drill!

1812 photos-3743

Staying on the cute little boy theme, this two year old did not mind playing dress up in the least.  So precious!

1812 photos-3590

Sunset the other night was a total bust picture-wise, but it’s always fun to hang out with like-minded friends.  Look for more photo fun this week when we hot the butterfly trail!

And so it begins

Today begins my photography blogging adventure!  My goal is to chronicle some of my photography adventures and share them with friends and followers.  Please let me know what you think, and where you think I should go next!

Celtic Faire-3313

I loved the flowers in the gardens at Genesee Country Village and Museum last weekend.  I snapped this just before my first Haggis Tasting!  Yes, during the Celtic Faire weekend, I partook in the haggis tasting, and to my surprise, it wasn’t bad!  Of course, it wasn’t authentic either.

Celtic Faire-3324

This sweet gentleman told me about how coming to GCVM reminds him of his childhood, and how relaxing it is.  We talked about how nice it is to see families interacting with each other, and electronics are forgotten for a time.  I enjoyed the few minutes I spent with him.

Hopefully later today I will get some sunset pictures from Cobb’s Hill Park overlooking Rochester.

I hope you will enjoy my blog!  Leave me a comment to let me know you have been here!

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