A busy summer cultivating creativity

So far, summer of 2018 has been a busy one for me, in a good way.  I’m taking a much needed summer break from teaching and focusing on my creative hobbies.  I’ve been out shooting at Genesee Country Museum again for the Civil War Reenactment, and got some wonderful pictures there.


Civil War Days-4768

The battle in the village was quite something to witness from close to the action.  Although there were no bullets, the sights and sounds were very realistic.  At times, it was easy to forget this was a reenactment.

I have taken up another hobby this summer in anticipation of having a booth at the local Palmyra Pirate Weekend (August 11).  I have started making metal stamped jewelry.  I have to say it has turned out to be more fun than I expected, and gives me a totally different creative outlet than my photography!  Coming up with the designs is the most challenging part for me, but it is getting easier.  I’ve even found a way to combine my photography and jewelry making!  Here are a few of my most recent creations.


My efforts at entering shows has paid off.  In addition to receiving an Artist Merit award at the Wayne County Council for the Arts show, the same photo has been accepted to a national juried art show in Wisconsin!  I entered that contest on a whim, never thinking I would have something selected!  I am also preparing my entries for the New York State Fair — hopefully I will have some selected for display there.  This has been fun seeing what can happen when I focus on this creative outlet of mine!  I hope this is just the beginning!


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